Eureka! 2080 was the year Laura and Ken released their first album as TWO-VOLT!, so it's a pretty important number for her, you guess. You're in!

On the home screen, you see 10 missed calls from Ken, and a few voicemails from him. One of the voicemails from him is just unintelligible crying noises. You try not to snoop around too much, but you notice a few recent texts.

hey thanx for letting us borrow your mixer

made some bombass cookies

You are welcome, but I will have to politely request that you pay more attention to cleaning it before returning it next time. There was still a bit of flour on the underside.

yea yea miss cleanfreak

You cannot see it, but I am rolling my eyes at the moment.

right back atcha lol

Blocked Number
Hey, babe. Been trying to get a hold of you. Thought we could make another deal, for old time's sake. I could help you out. I know a lot of people.

Blocked Number
We both know you're nothing without me. How long are you going to keep up your new little band project? You have an entire fanbase waiting for you to come back.

Blocked Number
That's a lot of money waiting.

i don't know how you got this number, but don't ever fucking call me or contact me ever again.

i don't know, it feels like all this shit is always going to come back to haunt me

not that i don't deserve it, but fuckin hell, 4+ years later? i thought I'd be over all of it by now

There isn't a hard deadline on getting over this stuff

I mean, come on. You know it still keeps me up sometimes too

It was some really insane shit by anybody's standards

i know

you're right (like always)

we'll talk more later, need to get my shit together for the show tonight

ty bestie

Knock em dead


Hmm. Some strange texts indeed.
You snoop around just a little bit more...