You take look in the Notes app. There's a lot of random stuff here - Grocery lists, fragments of lyrics, ramblings about chords, budgeting stuff with lots of number crunching…You only skim these notes, but the most recent one catches your eye. It looks like a list of things. Odd things, as well as a simple equation of some sort.

There are a couple of other lists similar to this, with a few things crossed out.
That's all you find in the few minutes you're able to scan through the phone. You figure you should bring this back to Ken.

But wait...What's this you find under the bar? It looks like an old cassette tape. These things are almost entirely unheard of in the Year of Our Lord, 2082. What could be on it?

Once you've checked out the cassette, you've reached the end of this segment! The site will be updated with the next part soon. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back!