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Mail Day #4

Hey guys, greetings from Caracas. So my little sister has been getting into music lately, bought herself a guitar and all. I don't know the first thing about playing guitar but I want to help her when it comes to learning songs, do you have any advice on that?

greetings, lan!!! thanx for writing in!!! thats so awesome that your little sis is learning guitar!!! i taught myself just by playing around on it a LOT and copying what i saw in videos, so im not a super pro at the technical stuff, but the biggest thing you can do for her is ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! i bet she’ll be super excited to show you when she learns new stuff, and if you can see she’s been practicing, you should go out of your way to ask her if shes learned anything new lately. once shes learned the beginner stuff, tell her to learn the songs she likes best, thats how i got super pumped to keep learning cuz i wanted to play songs that i liked!!! the best part about guitar is that once you learn a few basic chords (G, C, A minor, E minor, E, D…for most peeps those are the first chords you learn) you can play a BUNCH of different songs. like basically an infinite number of songs. it’s so crazy how many songs use just those easy chords, or less. it also helps to look up songs for beginners. its super cool when you realize you can play them!! its also how i learned new chords, just looking up songs i liked and trying to play them. if you want, tell her to learn some songs you both like, too, so you can sing them together!!! it’s super fun!!! GOOD LUCK!!! im rooting for her!!!

hey there Lan. thanks for the Q. not sure how much your sis has learned so far so ill just assume shes an absolute beginner. ken is pretty spot-on, so i’ll tell you the less fun stuff: it might be boring and frustrating in the beginning when all you’re doing is trying to figure out how to strum or finger a simple chord, so it’s easy to give up. but you gotta make sure your sis keeps at it - even if it’s just for a little bit every single day. it’s better to practice 15 minutes a day every day for a week than to practice for a couple hours and go a week without playing. that’s how you build muscle memory.
it’s gonna feel kind of impossible at first - it’s like, what the hell, how do people even do this?! but it’s amazing how your muscle memory just takes over for you when you’ve practiced enough. asking her to show you any new chords or techniques she’s learned is a good way to encourage her too, like ken said. when i first started, it blew my fuckin mind when i was able to play my first barre chord and i felt like i had to show somebody immediately, lol.

also, it’s normal for your fingers to hurt, she’ll have to power through it...if you practice every day, after about a week or two, you get callouses and it stops hurting. secret pro tip: don’t play right after showering or washing your hands, or else your fingers will be soft and you’ll shred up those hard-earned callouses!

so basically, the best thing you can do is make sure she practices every day, if she can, and be impressed when she shows you something new (when you think about it, it is pretty crazy how humans can learn to make cool sounds out of these pieces of wood with strings on em). wishing you & your sister all the best, rock on.

How much do you two bench?
George P

um, A LOT!!!!! im always carrying around big huge amps and equipment and stuff. also people. i love carrying people!!! i am so strong.
-KEN comment.

so who's the biggest dork, j/k that's LAURAAAA YA NEEEEEEEEERDDDD

HEY!!! YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE FUCKIN NERDY-ASS USERNAME. don’t you dare pretend you are not a MEGA NERD, SHAY. you and your computers n shit. fuck u

listen guys...dont argue...youre both nerds who are good at math and stuff hahahahahaha nerds

Mail Day #3

Two Volt!! I love you guys and have been following you since the beginning of your solo careers. I was wondering what other band/artist names you considered before settling on Two Volt and also what the best part of being famous musicians is? Thanks so much, love you guys!!

oh man, we had so many names on the list before deciding on this one…we wanted something short and punchy and meaningful. i found the old list actually!

clearly the one we chose was best! TWO-VOLT FOREVER!!! thank you for sticking around audrey YOU ROCK!!!

i don’t know, ken...i’m still fond of cyber-ouroboros, heh. as for your question, TWO-VOLT! isn’t super famous right now, but we have an ok amount of visibility in the indie scene. i’ll say it right here though: being as famous as i was as LS? it sucked. the best part was getting to reach a lot of fans and make a difference in their life though. that’s what we want to do with TWO-VOLT. thanks so much for your support, audrey.

How strong is Ken? How boop-able is his nose?

very strong, and very boop-able.

How's living on the road in america been Ken? Ever thought about going back to japan for a visit?

i love it!!!! i get to go to so many different places. i thought seattle was crazy, but the rest of the country?? just as crazy. most people complain about sleeping in a van, which we have to do sometimes, but i think its fun!! i mean, a few years ago somehow i was sleeping in a hammock for like a year, so i can sleep pretty much anywhere.
its been a while since ive been back to japan, but i try to go like once a yearish to visit my parents. otherwise they would get super mad since i went like 5 years without calling them when i first got here LOL. to be fair, i was uh...really busy with a lot of crazy stuff.

Mail Day #2

Love your stuff! Do the two of you have guilty pleasures you'd like to share (whether it's movies, books, etc)?

guilty pleasures?? what??! why would you feel guilty about liking stuff?? you should just like the things you like! if its not hurting anyone and youre having fun then theres nothing to be guilty about!!!

ken is right, but not all of us can be quite as unabashed as he is...when i got big i spent a lot of time not talking about the nerdy things i liked because i thought it would be “uncool”. when i was young i was really into sonic games...i still have a soft spot for him. i also love sudoku. thanks for the question, alex.

Fav comfort meals?

ohhhhhh that is a hard question!! i love all kinds of food. i would have to say though, when im feeling down i love getting a good giant burger. i love udon too though. wait...what if...noodle burger…?? somebody write this down!! wait, im already writing this down right now!!! woah

can’t beat a killer grilled cheese.

Dear Ken, what's your secret to your cuteness?

the secret is LOVE!!!! i always say that if you are good and nice, then that niceness and goodness will shine thru your face. so be good and nice - which i’m sure you already are!!!!

Mail Day #1

Hey 2-volt, I saw y'all got a dog, whata beautiful fluff!! Question, any opinions on cats, like/dislike? Before you got your dog, did you ever think about getting a cat? Just curious! Have a fantastic day!

THANK YOU HES BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love him. i love cats too!! they dont really love me though. i try so hard!!! my friend jitsuko has a lot of cats and she says i can be a little “too much” for most cats. i cant help it!! im a hugger!!!

i like cats. but i don’t know if a cat could match ken’s energy, you know? that’s a pretty important factor in the decision. you gotta match lifestyles with your pet and ken & i are pretty active most of the time. anyone who says that cats love their owners less than dogs though is a fuckin dumbass idiot clown. cats just show their love in different ways.

Laura, what is your favorite thing about Ken?

that’s a hard one...there’s too many things to name, and i’m not really good at talking about sappy stuff...sometimes it’s tough for me to talk about those kinds of feelings with actual words. aside from, you know, songwriting and stuff. maybe that’s my favorite thing about ken, though: he’s good at speaking from the heart, and understanding the ways that i show i care about him.
also, his piggyback rides, and his cute face.

Ken is super cute! I do wonder, does he have to do anything special to take care of his horns?

AW THANKS!! i file down my horns every now and then cuz i dont like them to be makes me look scary! thats why the tippy tops of mine are round instead of pointy like other onis. whenever they get dinged up i have laura help me buff them too. i like them nice and shiny!! thanks for the question jericho!!!!