You carefully slide the glass door closed, making sure not to get fingerprints on it, because, you know. As you turn back to the living room, you see that there is now an extremely tall, extremely built, scar-covered woman looming in the hallway staring daggers into you. She cuts a very intimidating figure, and is also holding a third cat, whose existence you were not made aware of until just now.

Jitsuko, who is this stranger in our living room.

They are a friend, Riki. Did you remember to separate the lights and the darks before starting the wash?


Riki turns around and disappears down the hallway quickly.

Thank you, Riki.

Jitsuko turns back to you, wringing her hands a little bit.

I must return to my errands, but I wish you luck. Please tell Kenta to call me later. I know how he can get when this sort of thing happens.

…And give Laura my regards, I suppose.

You thank Jitsuko for her time, and take your leave.

Next stop…The Supernova. It's time to go clubbin'.