As the sun starts to set, you head downtown, with some direction from Gadzoogle Maps.
It looks like a pretty hip place…Definitely not like the tiny run-down bar you were at earlier today. A large neon sign hangs above the entrance that reads "THE SUPERNOVA", surrounded by a few graphics of stars and a black hole. A tough looking elf bouncer with tattoos stands at the entrance. Though you know you look a little nervous, he gives you a nod as you pass.

You enter the club.

There's enough neon in here to make even a technomancer DJ shed a tear.

The walls are covered in holographic screens of blue and pink, and weird artsy light fixtures populate the ceiling. Rhythmic electronic music drones just underneath the cacophony of conversations weaving through the room. It's pretty populated in here, and the vibe is definitely…Specific. It's almost a sensory overload, but not quite in a grimy sort of way like you know some nightclubs in the area to be. It's a little classier.

You do your best to snake through the crowds without looking too awkward. On the way, you overhear a few conversations…

"Oh my god, is that Ember…I didn't know she hung out here…"

"I told you this place would be cooler than Club Q."

"Damn, you check out this place's Host? Tacky as hell, total drek…They should stick to décor out of the Matrix. Leave it to an actual decker instead of some amateur…"

Finally, you spot a familiar face. It's Ember - Accomplished solo musician, Shay's girlfriend, and most importantly for your specific purposes, Laura's old bandmate from her Liquid Steel days! Who better than to interrogate - er, I mean, converse with!