Jitsuko returns with a cup of tea for you. She pauses, and glances down at the floor.

I could not help but notice…

…that you are still wearing your shoes…

…inside the house.

...You take off your shoes.

Thank you.

You sip your tea. Jitsuko picks up one of the cats in her arms and pets it gently. It purrs loudly.
Jitsuko's demeanor is very calming, but it's almost unnerving how still she can keep her face. You're starting to understand why her more...meticulous tendencies could clash with Ken's go-with-the-flow attitude, though. You wonder how many times she's told off Ken for wearing his shoes in the house. Probably a lot.

As I was saying earlier, Laura left one of her belongings behind.

She had the gall to try to smoke inside, so I told her to take it to the balcony. I think she left it over there.

Since you are going to see her anyway, would you do me a favor and return it to her? I have a lot of cleaning to do today.

You politely accept the task, and get up to go investigate the balcony.