A chill breeze blows through as you slide open the glass door. It looks like the sun is just barely beginning to set, sending gleaming bright streaks between the tall windowed buildings. Ah...The City...Despite its many dark corners, you still can't help but love it. Or maybe you hate it. Listen, I don't know you.
There are rows of potted plants all over, some along the railing and some hanging from the awning above you. They all look like they're tended to meticulously, not a single leaf out of place. That seems about right. An object interrupts the rows of greenery, however - Something that clearly doesn't belong. What is it, sitting on the railing?

It's a pack of cigarettes! Looks like Laura still hasn't quite been able to quit yet. You examine the box…It's a weird brand you've never heard of. The pack seems to be brand new, though - Only one cigarette is missing, meaning she must have bought it very recently. Maybe today, even?
The brand says "THE SUPERNOVA". You're pretty sure that's the name of a club downtown…She could have been there just earlier today. You return to the living room.