Here you can read up on some of Ken and Laura's friends (or enemies) that you may have seen them mention.

Shay Kappel [belongs to 0tacoon]
Longtime Friend/The Sensible One

Part-time tech nerd, part-time fashion designer, full-time best friend. Shay was Ken's very first friend when he came to Seattle as a teen, and later introduced him to Laura, as she and Laura were very close since highschool. Shay is usually the straight man to both Ken and Laura's antics. The three of them went through a lot together - and I mean a lot - but their bonds remained strong (even though her and Laura's in particular ended up needing some repairing). Shay was TWO-VOLT!'s first tour manager, but has since moved on to do her own thing. Don't worry, though - They still keep in touch plenty. Somebody's gotta look after these two...

Jitsuko Mizushima
Childhood Friend/Worrywart Bookworm

Ken's bookish, overly-polite childhood friend, whom Ken left behind in Japan as a young teenager. Their paths would cross again many years later under unfortunate circumstances. The cyberpunk world is a cruel one, and Jitsuko was no longer the same person, having somehow become a cyborg assassin in a criminal underworld since then. Thanks to some new friends, though, she would soon regain her sense of humanity and reconnect with Ken. She now has a teaching job and spends her days with her partner Riki. Jitsuko's meticulous personality lends well to her baking, but also makes Ken the victim of many lectures on manners.

Cho "Riki" Sunmin [art by/belongs to uretnik]
Reluctant Friend/Occasional Bodyguard

Jitsuko's partner and reluctant friend to Ken and Laura. Riki is an intimidating figure, which lends well to offering occasional security for TWO-VOLT!'s gigs as a favor, but you won't catch her mingling at the afterparty. She and Jitsuko have more in common than you would think, considering their differing personalities at first glance, but underneath Riki's standoffish demeanor, she really does care, in her own very special and extremely specific way. She tends to get along better with Laura than with Ken, though - His sunny demeanor isn't for everyone, after all.

Ember Diaz [art by/belongs to punkoz]
Former Liquid Steel Bassist/Hot Rod Hot Stuff

Laura's former bassist in Liquid Steel. The two of them had a falling out due to Laura being an absolutely insufferable terror during that point in her life, catching her and her bandmates - Ember included - in a whirlwind of drama. Fortunately, they've since made amends, and Ember has a lucrative solo career now. Her mellow, sophisticated attitude means she's generally private about her social life, but she and Shay are currently dating, making up for lost time after their first go around didn't work out. Ember also has a really, really nice car, and if you touch it, you will die.

Former Liquid Steel Manager

Laura's former manager when she fronted her band Liquid Steel. Laura can be touchy on a lot of subjects, but she really does not like to talk about this guy...

The Manager
Mysterious Individual

TWO-VOLT!'s current manager. Don't worry, I'm just here to help Ken and Laura operate a website.