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7/10/2082: TOUR SOON!!! MAYBE!!!

HI!!! laura and i were talkin and we wanna go on a lil tour soon!!! it probably wont be for another couple months or somethin but LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!!

don't expect anything too big, it'll probably be just a handful of dates in a small radius. excited, though! stay tuned...

6/20/2082: woops

i forgot that when you set things on fire, you have to pay for property damage. anyone up for a totally unrelated sale on some old gear of mine?

6/19/2082: panic.jpg

am i losing my edge? i’ve had a few people comment to me that i seem a lot more mellow these days...i even had someone say i used to be way more fun. can’t help but let it get to me sometimes...dammit! i’m still cool, right? i don’t want to be a boring adult! maybe i need to go set something on fire or have another near-death experience. that’ll do it.

6/10/2082: HI!!!

im back!!! heres a new design perfect for summer :] maybe we'll put it on a shirt or something sometime!


5/10/2082: BRB

laura and i working on some stuff and we’re super busy, so we’ll be gone for a little while!!! dont miss me too much hehe

5/07/2082: fish fear me

it’s summertime, so against my better judgement, i agreed to go on a fishing trip with ken and some friends. didn’t catch anything. ken caught a fucking marlin.


5/01/2082: jukebox addition

added a new playlist to the jukebox, check it out. it'll be where i keep past laura's picks that i've talked about over here, plus other songs i like. bask in my excellent taste.

4/22/2082: important PSA

this just in: numerical scores for albums are pointless and shouldn't exist. whoever thought they could distill the essence of something so complex as music into something as simple as a number out of ten should be shunned forever. you hear that, RYAN?! i rate your website a zero out of ten. how's it feel?

LOL laura is just mad cuz some reviewer guy on some big popular music site scored our new EP a 5 out of 10. who cares what they think, i always said numbers are dumb and im still right. we're too cool for them :]

4/18/2082: new EP

WE HAVE A NEW EP OUT!!! check it :] u can see the tracklist on the MUSIC page!!!


4/12/2082: argh!!!

MAN!!! why are names so hard??? we still dont have a name for our 2nd album yet...i think we're gonna do another little EP before it tho, cuz we have a couple songs that wont fit on it i think...wait...that means the EP needs a name too! DANGIT!!!

4/05/2082: fundraiser

hey everyone, we're playing a fundraiser/beach cleanup combo this weekend. come out and help us get all this stupid garbage off of our beaches. if i ever see you littering, i'll kick your ass.



3/30/2082: LP2!

working on LP2 and excited about it :] we’ve been at home working hard on it but MAN i miss playing shows for u guys!!! we’ve just been too busy!!! lets make it happen soon ok :]

i’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit, but...i’ll admit i miss screaming to a tiny room full of sweaty people. let’s see each other again soon.

3/26/2082: much ado about posers

the other day, i overheard some people at a show talking shit about “posers”. you know, people who pretend to be into something just to seem cool. that thing we were all terrified of being when we were teenagers. i know i was obsessed with avoiding the dreaded label myself. when i was a teen, i tried getting into this band called Six Wheeled Death Machine, just because i thought it would make me seem hip and cool, since everyone my age seemed to like them, and everyone else was so much cooler than me (hard to believe, i know). the music sucked. well, ok, it didn’t suck, it just wasn’t really for me. but, surprisingly, it actually opened me up to a lot of other bands i wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. i got into skateboarding for a similar reason, and it ended up being something i genuinely enjoyed a lot.
so...what’s wrong with being a poser? should we really be gatekeeping shit in such an asinine way, just for us to feel cooler, like we’re part of some secret club? i used to be an asshole who cared about stupid shit like that, so i know how it would make you feel better about yourself to act like you're above others. but c'mon, we're adults now. like, oh no, this person is wearing a t-shirt for a band they’re not *that* into. is it really worth popping a vein over, or quizzing people unprompted for? are we all still in high school or something? god, i hope not.

3/15/2082: BLINKIES!!!!!!

so i was investimigating ye olde internet things, like from when the internet was actually called the internet and not the matrix (yea like WOAH) and i found these things from FOREVER AGO called BLINKIES??? they are the COOLEST!!! we should bring them back. WHOS WITH ME???


what is it about garbage food that makes us crave it so much? i had the whitest hashbrowns i've ever seen last night at Benny's, but i keep coming back for more. maybe it's the liminal space energy. the ambience of sitting in a diner at 11:39pm and seeing the only other person in the restaurant passed out with his face in his pancakes as if they're a pillow, or several people in a booth all wearing white tuxedos for some reason, or a waitress pulling out a flask from her apron and taking at least three swigs right in front of a customer.
it's not a's a state of mind.

3/02/2082: TOP 5 THIS WEEK

its YA BOY ken comin at you with a TOP 5 LIST!!! this is a list of top 5 things for me this week. a thing on the list could be anything. a movie, or a food, or something cool that happened. anything! so heres my list.

#5: when i threw a crumpled paper ball in the trash from all the way across the room. BUCKETS!!!
#4: the KILLER pizza me and laura made last night
#3: killer krabs from outer space 2: pinch harder
#2: this zine i got from my friend about how to make a zine
#1: getting to sleep next to laura & our fluffy boy louie every night :-)


2/24/2082: THE RETURNENING!!!

HIII!!! laura and i are back from our camping trip!!! we had lots of fun. i saw SO many bugs, and almost fell off a cliff. it was awesome :-) THX to jitsuko for housesitting for us!!! everything is so clean now WOW!!!

yeah. everything is in a different place now and i have no idea where to find anything. i love it. did she really have to organize every single one of my guitar picks by color and size? and all of the sauce packets in the fridge? really? i would say riki should have stopped her, but riki loves pissing me off, so nevermind. she's an accessory to the crime.
it was nice spending time in the outdoors for a while, though. reminded me of my old treehouse.

2/20/2082: I assume this is where the title goes.

Hello everyone. This is Jitsuko speaking. I am Kenta and Laura's friend. Kenta and Laura have been away on a camping trip with their dog Louie, so they have not been able to update this blog recently. I have decided to update the blog myself, in order to let you know. Here is proof to assure you that I am legitimate.

Clearly, Miss Sherwin does not appreciate my eye for detail. Luckily for her, I have a few more days of looking after their apartment, which is ample time to enact the rest of my plans. Goodbye now. Continue to "rock", or whatever it is that Kenta & Laura say.
-Jitsuko Mizushima

2/14/2082: VALENTIMES!!!

IT'S VALENTIMES DAY AGAIN!!! no special letters this year sorry :-( but i still LOVE u!!! and i hope u spend the day with people u love, even like friends and stuff, cuz love has no bounds :-) laura and i will be taking a camping trip to celebrate so SEE YA LATER!!! LOVE YA!!!

2/7/2082: COMICS!!!

omg you guys im binjing (binjjing? bingg-ing???) this new comic book and its got me so hooked. im in its CLUTCHES. its called heckboy. hes this demon guy who fights monsters. i dont understand like half of it but its super cool when he punches them with his big fist. ALSO HES BIG AND RED LIKE ME!!! :-) but to be honest they probably should have named it hellboy cause that would have sounded cooler.

2/4/2082: sourdough master

what's up nerds, guess who figured out how to make sourdough from scratch? this fucking baller right here. obviously i should be a breadmaker or some shit instead of whatever i'm doing now. music? forget it. let's get this bread, gamers.
-sourdough specialist laura

1/26/2082: what the heck!!!

it's like the end of january already!!! can you believe it!!! what the heck??? i think the new year is broken. somebody needs to come in here and make time go slower. or wait maybe faster...then i could get to all the fun stuff quicker. but then the fun stuff would be over super fast...wait...ok now im confused. time is weird!!! anyways. all my love to u as we enter what i like to call the F-BOMB...FEBRUARY!!!
-KEN :)

1/17/2082: thank you

thank you to everybody who made it to the show last night. it was kickass.
admittedly, i was feeling mad anxious about it. the last time i played a show with my old band, it was uh...a really bad time. and during that portion of my life...i really don't like who i was. i don't want to be liquid steel ever again. maybe it sounds kind of silly, but i was worried that by playing those songs again, i would somehow revert back to my awful self who made all those bad decisions, and just end up making those same mistakes again, or suddenly go back to being a raging asshole who snapped at anyone who dared to mention my destructive tendencies. it was hard to remember all of that on stage last night.
but, somehow, i actually had a really good night. i think that's because this time, the people around me were actually my friends. and i had people to lean on. weird how that works! it's easier to face things that are terrifying when you have a safety net of people who care about you. i hardly deserve the second chance from my old bandmates after what i put them through years ago, but i'll try to accept it.
anyways, uh...didn't mean to barf up all my feelings like that. if i seemed a little bit frazzled last night, that's why. thanks for supporting me, and ken, too. here's a nice photo from the show.

A photo of Ember and Laura singing into the mic together.

thank you to the photographer. peace.

1/12/2082: very cool show incoming

hey everyone, i know we're on break from touring right now, we've got a special gig coming up next week: a LIQUID STEEL reunion show. whaaat?! i know, right. it's pretty cool. my old bandmates - yes, ember included - will be joining ken and i for this one, and we'll even be playing some old favorites. this isn't gonna happen often (especially with how hard it is to get everyone together these days) so you don't want to miss it. do you want to be some sort of loser who misses a show like this? do you?! i didn't think so. BE THERE...or else.
but also, keep it kind of on the down-low so that we don't get sued for playing music technically not owned by me because my old manager is a bastard. just pretend we're playing a two-volt show with some guests, ok.

YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! do you think ember will let us ride in her car???


1/1/2082: NEW YEAR???

WOW ITS ANOTHER NEW YEAR??? WHAT THE HECK!!! thats so crazy. i thought it was still 2080 LOL anyway i hope its a good year for everyone even tho i kno this past one was pretty hard!!! new year new me IM GONNA BLEACH MY HAIR!!!

despite what the internet has told you, you don't have to bleach your hair just because it's a new year, ken.

12/28/2081: LOOK AT MY OC!!!

laura told me about this AWESOME thing called "OC"s??? its where you make up a character from YOUR MIND and you draw it and make up all this different stuff about them. so i made mine just like one of my fave (and lauras fave LOL) videogame characters except hes a TIGER!!! when he was 5 he ran away from home and then he accidentally touched an electric socket and then he got ELECTRIC POWERS and now he uses his new powers to FIGHT CRIME!!! hes sassy but cool and he can turn into a lightning bolt and go really fast. i drew a picture of him CHECK IT OUT!!!

A crude drawing of a Sonic the Hedgehog-style tiger with electric powers and sunglasses.

im trying out some new hatching technique so tell me what u think :]

12/25/2081: happy holidays

happy holidays & good tidings to all who celebrate today. i know it's a weird one, but i hope you're able to find at least a little cheer.

12/09/2081: merry holiday!!!

i put too many lights on my holiday sweater and it caught fire :[ jitsuko said i didnt NEED that many battery packs but i still DISAGREE cause it looked great before the fire started!!! dont worry though my pecs are O-K. i just dont have any hair left on my chest. laura said itll probably grow back though!!! :]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA ITS UR BIRTHDAY!!! i love u :] everybody say happy birthday to laura!!!

thanks, ken. i can feel myself getting older and more decrepit by the minute...i guess we'll have to start playing shuffleboard together soon, as required by law once you become elderly.

11/17/2081: snow day

snowed in today...ken's usually restless if he can't go anywhere, but i don't mind it if i'm in the mood. it's nice to have some quiet time and no obligation to do anything.
stay warm out there.

11/12/2081: ROCKSTAR RECIPE FOR U!!!

hey KENHEADS!!! i just had a bombastic breakfast today and i have a ROCKIN recipe for you all. u will need:
- 1 packet of pop rocks (blue is the best flavor)
- ur favorite cereal (more sugar=better)
- a bowl
- milk
- a spoon probably? i dont tell u how to eat ur breakfast
- a mouth to eat the food with
OK!!! step one: you take the pop rocks, and then u put them in the cereal. step two: u eat the cereal, and taste an EXPLOSION OF FIREWORKS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! i call it...KENS ROCKSTAR BREAKFAST!!! youre WELCOME.

i don't recommend this.
green is obviously the superior pop rocks flavor.

10/31/2081: IT'S HALLOWEEN BABEY!!!!!!

IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!!!! me and lauras favorite holiday ever. well except christmas, i love christmas. also valentines day, and every single other holiday cause i love holidays!!! halloween is still good though. i hope you have a ROCKIN halloween and eat lots of candy for me :]

wishing you all a safe & scary halloween. if you're not into trick-or-treating anymore, be sure to still do something fun like TP'ing your ex-manager's house or putting a live bat into the mailbox of somebody you hate. not that i have any experience doing those things myself or anything.

10/17/2081: HELP

so laura and i got into making bread for some reason and we r having some trouble...i asked jitsuko for help cause shes awesome at baking but the way she explained it was too hard and i dont understand all the numbers and measurements n stuff. every time i put the bread dough into the bowl and cover it up to make it get bigger, it gets so big that it explodes. is that weird? thats not suppose to happen right??? help

10/04/2081: important announcement

hey, kenheads and sherwinners. it's ken's birthday today, so you'd better hit him with some birthday wishes, or we're going to have a problem. capiche?
happy birthday, ken. love you. ❤️

THANK YOU LAURA!!! and thank you for the big cake. im going to eat all of it RIGHT NOW!!!
-KEN the birthday boy

9/03/2081: 5 stars

i'm here to tell you all that ken is wrong. catatoing is one of the most artful pieces of cinema that i've ever seen in my life. to claim it as any less is an injustice to the very art of filmmaking.


you thought you were safe...but its back...WITH A REVENGEANCE!!! thats right kenheads, it's KEN'S MARVELOUS MOVIE REVIEWS!!!!!! ok ill be honest i havent watched a lot of movies this year but here are some that i have some things to say about. ARE YOU READY??? LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

ok this crazy movie is about a CAT who can COOK. how do they come up with this??? this movie is the best thing ive ever seen. the main character (his name is catatooie like the movie name) is a cat but cats arent allowed to cook because duh, theyre cats, but he cooks anyways because he loves to cook and thats what he wants to do. i cried cause it reminds me of my LIFE!!! thats right dad im gonna be a rockstar and you cant do anything about it!!! anyways great movie. very recommend. i have to take away one star though because its not very realistic.

i LOVE this movie. laura also loves this movie but she doesnt tell people that. so there are these four ninja lizard teens who fight crime and they can also breakdance AND skateboard. in this sequel movie (the first one was also AMAZING!!!) you get their origin story and they have to fight their ULTIMATE NEMESIS: NINJASAUR. and it turns out, he was ACTUALLY THEIR FIFTH BROTHER!!! its so crazy and they have this awesome fight scene on a rooftop in the rain and their dad almost dies but he doesnt and he does a really cool move to defeat ninjasaur. SO COOL!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

ok so this is like totally crazy but this movie is ALSO a cartoon about a cat who can cook??? i dont know about this one though it was kind of bad. it was like catatooie but bad. not good. i found it at the dollar store which is usually where i find awesome stuff but this one was a bust. ill give it two stars though because at least it was only 44 minutes long. the last avengesquad movie i saw was like three hours and it was WAY too long so i will give catatoing that at least.

8/27/2081: too lazy for local ads or forums

selling/trading a couple of old pedals to make room for new ones, anyone interested? they're kind of beat up (i do a lot of stomping...) but they still work. just email two-volt if you wanna know more, and don't let me catch you reselling them as authentic liquid steel gear...

8/10/2081: VISIT ME!!!

HI GUYS i just wanted to tell u that u should visit my creature crossing island i put a lot of work into it :] i made our house just like in real life EXCEPT we have arcade machines cause that would be awesome. COME VISIT!!! bring fruit plz

8/4/2081: LAURA'S PICKS #2

Laura's Picks

yyyo. it's been a while. don't ask me how i've been, and i won't ask you, deal? let's spin some more cool tunes instead.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ tidepools - too close for comfort

i really like the moodiness of this track (and the general moodiness of the whole EP). very shoegazey/math-rock-y. it has a very cool atmosphere without being too low-energy, you know? this band definitely deserves some more eyes and ears on it, and i'm looking forward to whatever they drop next.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ world's greatest dad - better off dead

i fucking love this track and album, wow. countless catchy hooks and a ton of punch. not to mention, uh, some pretty relatable songwriting...there's a lot of self-loathing here, but not wallowing. i'm a fan of that (but fuck it tbh, everyone likes a good wallow every now and then). i could listen to this album forever, but this track in particular always gets my head bopping.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ oceanator - i would find you

nothing like some good ol' indie rock...i like the structure of this song in particular, and i love the synths. the full album releases later this month, and i've definitely got my eyes on that...i suggest you do, too, and listen to the rest of their discography in the meantime.

that's all for laura's picks this week! be sure to check out the rest of these artists' work. keep it real, and hang in there.

7/20/2081: new thing!!

Cover of 'Anatomy of Two-Volt' Zine.

HEY!!! its been a while!!! weve been buuuuusyyyy, you know how it is these days. but we got a cool new thing for you!!! our manager put together a fun zine about us. super cool BEHIND THE SCENES STUFF!!! half of the money from it goes to the black art futures fund. check it out here!!!

be back soon. PEACE!!!

5/25/2081: help

hey does anybody know how to get scratches out of door frames??? the top part of our front doorway is like 2 inches higher by now cuz ive been slamming my horns into it for like 2 years LOL. #orklife

4/27/2081: new shirt!!!

A shirt design featuring a graphic of a roaring tiger.

what's this??? a new shirt design!!! thats right!!! i made good on that promise about new designs. if theres anything u should know about me...its that i never break a promise!!! i mean, as long as its like, u know, actually possible, and not like when i promised id win laura a million teddy bears at the fair last year. but for realsies though.

4/24/2081: BEASTMODE!!!

A photo of Laura, Ken, and their friend Lex playing Smash Bros. on the couch together.

a while back we invited our good friend lex from chatterbot records over to our place for some IMPORTANT BUSINESS TALK!!! and by that i mean smash bros LOL. but seriously though. lex is SO AWESOME!!! she is doing super duper fun stuff lately and i am totally syked about it. also lex totally whipped laura at smash and she was so mad LOL!!!!!! laura gets sooooo competitive its so funny.

i think i may be in the minority of spelling it "psyched". which is definitely an accurate term for how i feel about lex's work too. there's some really cool stuff going on at chatterbot, it's honestly refreshing to see people in music who actually care this much (i've dealt with a lot of the opposite in my time...). lex is insanely hardworking and passionate. definitely check out the bands on that label, some of the best in DIY right now - especially origami angel, which i've plugged here before. it was great getting to chat about it with her.
also. HEY. listen. i know i can get, a little, uh, competitive. but that 3-stock was bullshit, alright?! i was just off my game that day, ok. if you're reading this, time. i will crush you.

4/22/2081: update stuff!!!

new shirt designs comin at u soon!!! maybe some demos too!!! laura and i have been busy trying 2 occupy ourselves lately so we thought more stuff like that could be fun. i hope u all are doing good...i know its tough out there but HANG IN THERE!!!!! i love u.
also does anyone know where i can buy whipped cream in bulk??? asking for a friend. the friend is me. i need a lot of whipped cream. its for important business.

4/7/2081: vibin!!!
A photo of Laura playing guitar.

chillin in da home studio with laura today!!! and by home studio i mean our bed. same diff. we r havin fun writing new stuff but i still cant find a rhyme for orange :^( someday......

3/20/2081: HI!!!
A photo of Ken and Laura posing for the camera at a gig with their friend.

HI GUYS!!!!!! its been a while since i HARDCORE BLOGGED for u. SORRY!!! I MISS U!!! laura and i have been busy lately. we r going to be hunkering down soon and not playing any live shows for a while since were working on stuff, but we just played an awesome show the other night with our friends TIN CAN TRASH MAN!!!!!! it was soooooo fun. thank u to everyone who came out AND big thanx to their manager george for helping me get my horns out of the string lights we put up :-) also sorry i almost spilled mountain dew on ur guys's pedalboard

3/14/2081: LAURA'S PICKS #1

Laura's Picks

ok, so here's the thing about underground music: it's underground. as a result, there's a lot of very cool bands out there that you may have never heard of, but should absolutely be listening to right now. if you're already privy to the DIY scene, you'll probably have heard of these - but i've found that a lot of people i know have never caught of a whiff of them before! so i want to do something about that. to be honest, i don't do a lot of actual writing about music, so don't think i'm some sort of aficionado at dissertations or what-have-you. so i'll keep it brief (me? keeping things brief? out of the ordinary, i know). i'm just gonna share a few songs i've been digging lately, and i'll tell you why i like it. simple as that. some might be recent releases, some might be older, we're gonna be picking from a pretty random bag here. got it? alright.

anyways. here are my picks this round to kick things off.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ insignificant other - i'm so glad i feel this way about you

kickass opener to a kickass album (which i still can't believe is their debut LP). love this one. chock full of honest, relatable, killer lyrics and great delivery. i love that title line.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ origami angel - find yr throne

another unbelievably good track from an insanely good debut album. there's so much genuine positivity on this record - and in this song in particular - without sacrificing or sugarcoating the lows we all go through. i love this track because it's all about lifting up your friends and the people you love...and it's hard not to yell "you're the goddamn king of the universe" every time.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ glazed - shakey archery

not quite as known as the other two on the list, these guys are still up-and-coming or whatever you call it, but make no mistake, they've got the chops. reminds me of some of the stuff i'd listen to in highschool...except, you know, good, lol. this one is a super catchy track that gets stuck in my head all the time (and great to sing along to).

alright - that's your homework for the week. check these bands out and get back to me about how amazing they are. see ya next time on laura's picks!

3/10/2081: long live grumpy's

if you hang around our neck of the woods, you may have heard of the beloved house venue by the name of Grumpy's...unfortunately, after a good few years of operation, it closed its doors this week and we're all very sad about it. one less haven for us creative punks, all for the sake of another house being rented out to some rich bozos at an insane price. support your DIY venues while you've still got ' never know when a noise complaint will be the last.
appropriate time for a reminder though: you want a cool DIY venue in your area? get some friends to help you and make one yourself. that's why it's called DIY. ken and i have played in basements, living rooms, coffee shops, barns, sheds, warehouses, parking lots...i could go on. the best part about DIY is that you can make it whatever you want, and anyone can play there without having some promoter breathing down their neck about making some ticket quota, or playing by a bunch of dumbass rules, or having to pay a huge fee just to play there at all. it's all about the art. playing theaters and clubs is fun and all, but my favorite venues are the small spaces people have made their own with their inventive minds, hard work, and passion. it's cool stuff, man.

anyways, you know. support your local scene.

2/27/2081: juiceboy

A photo of Ken drinking a Caprisun.

got this pic of kenny in the studio the other day. we take our work very seriously here. hydration is important...especially if it's in the form of caprisuns.

2/14/2081: V-day babey!!!!!

A Valentine's Card featuring Ken, and the phrase 'Hey Valentine...You rock! A Valentine's Card featuring Laura, and the phrase 'You're electrifying, Valentine!'

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! here are the valentines we sent out to u guys!!! if u ordered one, i hope it got to u ok by now. if ur super far away though it might be a little while longer til u get it but i will wish it SAFE TRAVELS!!! we hope u enjoy the cards and the letters laura and i wrote for u. and we hope u have a valentines day full of love!!! i love u!!!

2/8/2081: take a fuckin sip, babes

A photo of Laura at a gas station, pouring gas from the nozzle into a plastic cup, as if she's pouring a beverage, like some kind of freak.

2/6/2081: memories of benny's...

the other day i was talking about old times and i was remembering the stuff me and laura (and also shay sometimes!!!) would get up to back when i first came here to seattle as a teen and i wanted to share some of these tales with you. boy would we get up to some shenanananagins!!! donuts in parking lots with our friend’s car!!! rolling down a hill in a big tire!!! riding in a shopping cart on a halfpipe at the skatepark!!! good stuff.
one of my favorites: sometimes we would go to benny’s and hide in the bushes near the windows and throw coins at the windows where people were sitting. they would keep looking at the window all like HUH??? it was so good. by that point i would be craving a grand slamwich though and go inside and play it cool. they were none the wiser......i dont mean to brag, but im PRETTY sneaky.

you forgot to tell them about the time we went inside that abandoned forever-under-construction hotel and got stuck in the elevator...that was fun. i was sad we didn’t find any ghosts though.
ah, the days of rebellious youth...wait...we kind of still do that stuff now, huh. i do miss getting to eat whatever i wanted without consequences though...that benny's contest a few years ago almost killed me. but at least i got a cool hat.

1/29/2081: valentines!!!!!

Information on ordering valentines.

VOLTHEADS!!!!! we've got something special for you! its almost february, which means its almost valentine's day!!! i love valentine's day because it's also palentine's day so i get to share my love for everybody even MORE than i usually do!!! its the best. SO, laura and i were talking and i thought it would be fun to send you all valentines cards because we love you so much. our manager set up a nice little form for you to fill out if you want one. $5 (to cover printing and mailing stuff) gets you a postcard and a letter from us!!! just follow this form link & fill it out before february 6th!!! we'll see u on valentine's dayyy!!! 💖💖💖

everyone deserves some love on valentine's/palentine's day. we got your back.

1/23/2081: do i always have to come up for a title for these

hey just wanted to apologize to anyone who wanted to see us after the show last night, i wasn’t feeling well so we retired early (i’m stubborn, but ken is equally stubborn about looking after me, lol). i’m ok, don’t worry. something something self care - i just need some space sometimes. i’ll catch you next time.
in other news, check out the Music section of the site for some new additions.

1/17/2081: OPEN MIC TONITE!!

worry not, two-volters!!! voltheads??? zipzaps??? we need a better name for you guys...anyways, dont worry, the van is alive and well!!! just the usual stuff, u know. in any case, we r at home by now and laura & i are hosting an open mic @ noddy’s tonight!!! all skill levels welcome, dont be shy!!! sing to everyone the depths of your SOUL!!!!! c u there ❤

sing for me, my angels of music.

1/15/2081: press F

A photo of Ken and Laura kneeling in a parking lot as their van gets towed.

van broke down. two-volt won’t be making it to the show tonight, but you should still support our co-headliners Tin Can Trash Man. get to the gig and party enough for the both of us.

1/8/2081: missed connection

to the guy at the show last night who said he could probably beat me at chess: meet me in the fucking pit. i’ll rip your arms off. metaphorically.


what is up, my kenheads?? how are you doing?? it’s TIME...for my EXPERT MOVIE REVIEWS!!! sometimes, i watch movies, and therefore, i am an expert. here are my expert thoughts on some movies i saw recently, with ratings out of 5 hearts, because everyone knows its totally worth it to give complicated opinions a number score!

ok, so like, we all know how it goes when they turn a TV show into a movie, right?? this one was made from a TV show about a private investigator guy and his decker buddy except the private investigator guy IS A VAMPIRE!!! thats kind of cool i guess, even though werewolves are cooler, but it was a pretty fun show. the PI guy reminds me of my friend who was also a PI and ALSO just as grumpy, BUT. not a vampire. that would have been pretty awesome. i forgot what i was talking about. oh yeah, the BLOOD RUNNERS movie. it didnt have any cool motorcycles so it was pretty lame.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! its about a dog who can play football. HES SUCH A GOOD DOG!! can you believe it?? a dog. playing football. i dont know how movie people come up with this stuff. pure gold, i tell you.

this movie was sooooo lame. i usually love scary movies because theyre fun but this movie was NOT SCARY!!! they just dont understand the art of a good jumpscare. theres like doors slamming all the time or whatever but its so dumb and these teenagers are too busy sucking face all the time and being weird. then someone gets hit by a train or something?? i dont remember because i fell asleep halfway through. i liked the librarian lady though. she was sooo funny. you know what? i respect her performance as an actor!!! she gets a 5 out of 5 from me. the movie is still bad though.

i dont wanna talk about this one actually.

1/1/2081: NEW YEAR!!!

A photo of Ken and Laura together, wishing you a Happy New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! it has been such a crazy year for us. it wasnt always fun and games, weve had our hard times too, but its looking back on the good stuff that makes it worth it. and i think its always worth it. im super excited for whatever this next year has in store and i hope you are too!!! if you had a bad year, i love you lots and hope that this next one is way way way better!!! heres to the future!!!

happy new year to all. i’m proud of what we accomplished this year, even though like ken said, it wasn’t always easy - we made a lot of good memories despite the struggles and that’s what makes it worth it. the new year always gives me a lot to reflect on, so i like to use that opportunity to feel thankful for where i am now. even when it seems like things are going well, it can still be a struggle for me, but i’m always trying to be better every day. i hope that you’re finding yourself in a good place this new year. if you aren’t, i know how you feel - but know that it won’t last forever, and that you don’t have to do it alone. wishing you the best from TWO-VOLT.

12/30/2080: new site stuff

hey everybody, just letting you know we've made a bunch of changes to the site and added some cool new stuff. hope you enjoy.

12/22/2080: happy holidays

wishing everyone a happy holiday. i know how shitty they can be sometimes, so if you don’t have someone to spend it with, come to our show tomorrow. no cover charge, everyone is bringing food, bring something if you want, but you don’t have to. everyone will leave with a gift. lots of holiday merriment n shit. not the lame kind though. like the actual good genuine kind. anyways yeah. see ya there

happy holidays!!! lots of love. come to our show/potluck/party/awesome time!! you will die for my friend jitsuko’s brownies. you should get here early though because sometimes i cant control myself. just saying.

12/11/2080: NEW MERCH!!

A shirt design featuring an oni with a lightning bolt in its mouth.

WE’VE GOT SHIRTS!!! if you wanna show your support for TWO-VOLT and look super fly, you can check em out here!!!

11/17/2080: missed connections

to the girl with the black cap that we talked to after the show, i am so sorry we missed your name but thank you so much for chatting with us!! you’re very kind. best of luck to you with your music! we’re rooting for you.


11/2/2080: important update

just want to tell you all that ken painted flames on our van today, and it looks awesome and i am so proud of him.

10/31/2080: happy halloween!

i hope your spooky month has been full of good vibes. ken & i have been so thankful for the reception to our new release - thanks so much everybody for the support. couldn’t do it without you! we’ll be spending the next few months touring to promote the album and keep the momentum going. today, though, we’ll be spending the day eating a lotta fuckin candy.

TWO-VOLT FOREVER!!!! happy halloween!!!


the time is nigh!!! TWO-VOLT’s first album is out next friday and we’re gonna party ALL NIGHT babey!!!! we’ll be playing the entire album back to front at the animus with support from our friends. BE THERE!!

word. get to the gig! we’ll be playing a couple of special acoustic numbers and some old material as well. maybe even some special appearances from my old band…what? who said that? i didn’t say that! you must be hearing things. anyways, don’t miss out.

8/19/2080: IN THE STUDIO!!

laura and i are in the studio recording for our first album!!! im so excited!!!! WOW!!!! we’ve been working super hard on it this year and i cant wait for the whole wide world to hear it. its been a total dream!! we really poured our hearts out on this!!! keep your earholes peeled for new singles coming your way!!!!

it’s almost done! it’s been an insanely fulfilling experience working on this album and i’m so lucky. can’t wait for you all to hear it. we’ve been workin craaaaaazy fuckin hard - especially ken. i’m really proud of him.

7/2/2080: oops

any friends have some new amps for sale? there was an...incident. some equipment may or may not have been melted. also anyone know any good lawyers? please email us if you know anyone. THANKS!!

6/27/2080: 4th of july BASH!!!

TWO-VOLT is hosting a 4th of july bash at the animus on 4th of july!!! bring your best party spirit and some fireworks!!!!! i already bought a TON!!!! get 2 the gig and support the touring bands!!!! YEAHHH!!! here's a throwback to last summer to celebrate!

A polaroid photo of Ken and Laura at the beach.

lots of great bands playing! remember to support em by buying their merch and streaming their music. touring is expensive and they need your love!
also, bring lots of fireworks, illegal or otherwise.

4/10/2080: working hard!

it’s been a little bit since we’ve updated - sorry! ken & i have been hard at work on our new album. i can be kind of a perfectionist has to be just right, dammit! back to work!

i always tell laura not to sweat the details so much!! but i know she just wants to make an album worthy of how awesome we are, and so do i, so we will work extra hard!!! she always puts way more thought into the words than i do, but her words are like magic. so i gotta bring the magic with my guitar!!

3/14/2080: WE GOT A DOG!!!

A photo of Ken and Laura's dog: A large, fluffy white samoyed.

laura and i got a dog and i love him SO MUCH!!!!! he is big and white and fluffy. i wanted to name him goku but laura said that was too “on-the-nose”. so we named him louie!! apparently named after some super old jazz singer guy that laura likes?? idk anything about that but it’s a cute name for a very cute boy, so i wholeheartedly support this name decision.

louie is a very good boy. he loves car rides and peanut butter...just like ken.

3/7/2080: SAW A DOG!!!

saw a dog today, really good, he was so big and fluffy. i want a dog!!!

you know what? you’re right. we should get a dog.

2/22/2080: big bean energy

SEATTLE!! saw a pile of baked beans on the ground at a gas station. let’s bring that energy to our show tonight. DM for addy

2/3/2080: WE’RE ON A MAGAZINE!!!!

A magazine cover for INDIE MONTHLY, featuring Ken and Laura on the front.

we’re on a magazine you guys!!!! look at those beautiful faces right there. we’ve been talking to a lot of people in the scene over the past few months (i guess people REALLY like our stuff!!!! DAMN RIGHT!!! we work hard!!!!) and then this guy talked to us after one of our shows because he wanted to write about us in his indie magazine. its not like a big huge magazine or anything but its still awesome!!! we got to go to a fancy photo studio and everything. i didnt fit into that suit i bought for my first date w/ laura when i was like 17 though so i had to buy a new one. laura picked out my tie!!!

big ups to the editors for indiemonthly, they’re a bunch of cool folks. i was a little reluctant to be on a magazine cover since i want to keep things with TWO-VOLT! pretty low-key, but it’s not a huge publication, and we have a lot of friends in that circle. plus ken was really excited about it. can’t say no to that face, right?

1/13/2080: LUNCH HACK??!!! and new EP

oh my god!!! i just had a breakthru today. if you toast the bread before putting the peanut butter on it, the peanut butter will get all melty and the bread will be all toasty and warm. amazing. ALSO, if you put potato chips IN the sandwich, you get EXTRA crunch. just a tip from your #1 pal ken, to spice up that tour staple of peanut butter and bread.
oh also we have a new EP!!!!!! go to the MUSIC link up top!!!

1/5/2080: TWO-VOLT FOREVER!!!!!

let this mark the beginning of our blog!!! HI BLOG READER!!! idk what we’ll write here or how often we’ll update but im sure there will be PLENTY of stuff to talk about. sometimes itll be me and laura, sometimes just me, sometimes just laura, whoever is feeling like updating at the time!!
laura and i have been playing together for almost a year now and its been soooooooooo fun. we’ve been doing some small tours and getting around a LOT!!! so many awesome new faces. its really cool that people seem to like our music. im totally living the dream right now!!!! heres a pic from one of our first out of town shows. love u shay!!!!!

A polaroid photo of Ken and Shay backstage, and Ken is ugly crying.

i’ll probably leave most of the blogging to ken since he clearly seems to have the most fun with it, lol. he speaks the truth though: it’s been really great getting around and sharing our music. i did a loooot of touring as liquid steel (too much), but it wasn’t really the same - i had a lot of fun at first, but then there was so much executive control and red tape and business-talk and everything about it ended up becoming destructive and exhausting. not to mention, ya know, everything else going on. not a good place! i’m glad that i’ve got ken to help me remember how much fun music is supposed to be. it’s nice having something to start fresh and build a new fanbase with, though of course, some people still see me as Liquid Steel at our shows - i’m still grateful for those fans, so it’s ok. i’m just happy they like me enough to follow me to a new venture. but i always make sure they know who ken is, too! anyways, i think i’ve written enough... see ya next time!