That's the name of this adventure, which you are now on! The site will be updated twice a week with new clues and information to find. When you're prompted with a password, be sure to look around the site for clues.

When you get to the end of a segment, it's recommended that you bookmark that page to save your progress, so that when an update drops, you can pick up where you left off. When everything's finished, it'll be put up under the DRAGON'S DEN section of the MORE page, so don't worry about missing out!

Anyways, you've got a gig to get to! Go go go!!!

You arrive at the venue - A small local bar in downtown Seattle. You realize you're a little early, though, as there are only a handful of people milling around the stage and hanging out at the bar. Elves, orks, and all sorts of metahumans are sharing drinks or chatting, some swiping through neon AR screens on their commlinks, others fiddling with their cyberware. I mean, this is a fantasy cyberpunk setting, after all.
The low, consistent buzz of an unattended amp underscores the murmur of conversation.

You see Ken! He's unloading some gear at the side of the stage.

Hey, you made it!!! Thanks so much for coming. You da best!!! I'm pumped for the show, but, uh…

I actually can't find Laura around. She was s'posed to meet me here after running an errand or somethin'. She isn't answering her comm either…

Can you do me a favor and ask around while I set up? I'm sure someone's seen her! Thanks buddy!

You don't have anything else to do right now before the show starts, so hey, why not?
You go around the room, asking a few people if they've seen any sign of Laura. Most people shrug and shake their heads. On the way, you overhear a few stray conversations.

"TWO-VOLT is cool and all, but I kinda miss all the pyrotechnics from Laura's Liquid Steel days…I wonder why she doesn't use her magic anymore…"

"You think Ken is gonna crowdsurf again? He should probably look where he's jumping this time, or I'm gonna need another cyberarm repair..."

"Hey, did you see the new Blood Runners movie on the trideo? I hear they got that mage to play the main guy, so the effects aren't even CG, that shit is real."

"Uh, that sounds kinda dangerous."

Somebody standing by the exit sticks out to you…He kind of seems like he's trying not to be noticed. You approach.

Lookin' for Laura, eh? I am too. Let me know if you find her.

Reluctantly, you ask him why.


We've got some business talk to attend to, that's all.

He waves you off, and leaves through the exit. You decide it's probably best not to try to follow…Something about him gave you the creeps.

It doesn't seem like anybody's seen Laura, unfortunately. But wait! What's that small object sitting on the bar counter?