You look around for Shay, and fortunately spot her near the bar, minding her own business. You ask to confirm she's the right person, because it would be pretty awkward if you launched into a whole spiel to a complete stranger.

Yeah, that is indeed me. Ken's friend. And Laura's friend. The one and only…Shay.

Did Ken break a leg again? Regardless of what he may try to tell you, I'm not actually a nurse.

You explain that no, Ken did not break a leg again. You're both trying to find Laura.

Oh boy, Laura's gone missing again. Surprise, surprise…

No offense. I love that girl, but…You know. After knowing her for so long, I'm kind of used to this sort of thing, though it has been a while since the last time she poofed like this…

I noticed she's been a little more stressed out than usual lately, but…

You both hear a loud noise and grunt from Ken on the other side of the room, and you look over to see him stumbling over a bundle of cables with his arms full of gear in a panic.

...Alright, I suppose I can try to trace her.

Back in the day, information was my specialty…And, being a Technomancer and all, no cyberdeck needed.

...Hold your applause.

You see her turn to face away from the rest of the room and pull up an AR screen in front of her.

Next stop: The Matrix.

You open up your commlink - which you have, because the year is currently 2082, and you are in a cyberpunk setting - and you close your eyes, entering…The Matrix. The virtual reality internetspace of the future. The lifeblood of society's interpersonal communications and activities, all digitized into bits and bytes, where everyone is represented by their Matrix persona as they go about their online activities. Your persona can be anything your heart desires! An anthropomorphic wolf with huge yabbos? A player character model from Tony Hawk's Underground on the Playstation 2? Yourself, but slightly taller? You name it.

You flip through your notifications for a moment as you get your bearings. Teenage Mutant Ninja Lizards 3 is releasing next week on trideo...Some clowns in your favorite VR cafe spot are getting into discourse again...Oh cool, your new cybershoes shipped, and will be drone-delivered by tomorrow. You know, shoes, but with wi-fi and NuBluetooth functionality!

What were you doing again? Oh yeah! Shay. Curse this Matrix. It's so easy to get distracted. You look around for Shay's Matrix persona...

Oh, what's this? An AR pop-up appears in front of you, in the shape of a cassette…

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