Wow! I'm impressed!

...By how incredibly primitive that encryption was. Binary code? Are you kidding me? I should really talk to Laura about her commlink's security. You'd think she'd be more careful after that time she went off the grid years ago.

She's getting lazy by now, isn't she…I'll give her shit for it later.

In any case! There's the address. Wait, that sounds familiar. Isn't that Jitsuko's apartment?

Jitsuko! Ken's best friend. You've met her a couple of times at shows, and she's very kind. A little uptight…But kind. Surely she wouldn't mind you dropping by, if it's something important.

You thank Shay for her help and disengage from VR, snapping back to the real world. Fortunately, dropping into the Matrix is a very common activity, so nobody in the bar is staring at you for sitting completely still and staring at the wall for several minutes!

Next stop: Cedar Street.

Oh, what's this? On your way out of the bar, you feel something slip into your pocket as you pass by a group of people. You turn around, but nobody in the group is paying attention...You reach into your pocket. It's another cassette!

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