You approach the ork at the booth. He's got a cup of black coffee and a near-empty plate.

What? Laura? Oh, I know her. She and that big guy come here all the time. I been comin' here for over a decade if you can believe it, and I seen 'em then too, though they were younger. Dunno why they been comin' here for so long. Ain't like the food here is that great.

What's that? What am I still doing here if the food ain't that great?

...Sometimes, after a bad day, you just want garbage diner food, alright.

He huffs and returns to his food. You decide not to bother him for more information, doubting that he could even provide you with any.

Ok, well, this was a bust. Guess she's not here. You suppose you should get back to Ken and report your findings (or, well, lack thereof). Or continue looking around if you so desire!

On your way out of the diner, you nearly trip over something on the sidewalk…What's this? It looks like another cassette tape!

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