This site is a for-fun multimedia side project by Cam Lopez/artbygrim for their fictional band, TWO-VOLT!, comprising of original characters from a Shadowrun campaign they played in from 2017 to 2019. Shadowrun is a cyberpunk fantasy setting - Think Dungeons & Dragons combined with Cyberpunk 2020.

TWO-VOLT! is a totally sick collaboration between musicians Kenta Okumura and Laura Sherwin. The two of them trade off with lead vocals/rhythm guitar/lead guitar, with guest bassists and drummers switching out for tours and recording. With their powers combined, they create a fun, energetic dynamite duo exploding with charisma and sincerity onstage.
The duo has made some splashes in the indie scene here and there, but they want to keep things low-key with this project, preferring to play small venues and DIY spaces. So far, TWO-VOLT! has released an EP and a studio album.

Kenta Okumura (lead vocals/lead guitar/rhythm guitar)
Kenta Okumura, known for a short time by his stage name Kagayaku Koe/K.Koe, is a loud and passionate ork from a tiny village on the coast of Japan. As a teen, he voyaged from his hometown all the way to Seattle with hopes of becoming a rockstar...Once there, he got way more than he bargained for and got mixed up in all sorts of craziness, but on the bright side, he met some irreplaceable friends, connected with the love of his life (not without plenty of strife - it’s a long story!), and learned a hell of a lot about himself. Though his naivete could often be his downfall, Ken’s earnestness became his biggest strength as well, and he was able to pull through with the help of his friends and the power within himself. Now that things have finally settled down, he’s now able to totally focus on what he loves most: Laura, and also melting faces with his guitar riffs and the dazzling gleam of his bright, positive soul.

Laura Sherwin (lead vocals/lead guitar/rhythm guitar/keyboard/synths)
Laura Sherwin, known previously by her stage name Liquid Steel, rocketed to fame in her early 20’s when her explosive talent and bewitching charisma were recognized by some big names. She spent a couple of years producing music and touring relentlessly, rising to stardom a little too quickly - And at the expense of people close to her. The industry is no kind place, and Laura was far from immune to the pitfalls of both her surroundings, and her own self. In this case, her insatiable drive and relentless ambition ended up driving her a little too far. In what she refers to as a massive burnout, she vanished from the eyes of the public for almost a year after an incident at one of her shows in Seattle, and spent a long time climbing out from a very dark place - With the help of Ken, whose unending kindness was instrumental in her recovery. With the past behind her, she’s ready to reconnect with the things she loves most: Ken, and music.

ARE YOU A KENHEAD OR A SHERWINNER??? (you can be both.)