welcome to the homepage of TWO-VOLT!!! The KICKASS ROCK DUO from SEATTLE!!! brought to you by kenta okumura and laura sherwin. we made this website to keep track of all our band stuff. laura did most of the information-y writing because she is super good at that (love u babe) but we don’t know anything about website coding math mumbo jumbo so we got a beloved friend to help us out with that part. we’re not going for anything fancy here’s what’s on the *inside* that counts, that’s what i always say!!! it’s the heart and soul that matters!!! that’s punk rock, babey!!!!!!

anyways check out the links above for cool stuff!!! don't expect this site to work good on your phone though, lol!!!


4/7/2022: Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm cooking up something really cool for the site between my actual work, and it's taking some time. Stay tuned, Kenheads and Sherwinners.
10/22/2021: New page! "Sticker Album" added to "More!" section
10/16/2021: New homepage photo
9/15/2021: New tracks in the Demos section of the Music page
7/21/2021: New blog posts, new Music addition, new Jukebox playlist
3/16/2021: New blog posts
2/7/2021: New Gallery addition (Comics)
1/31/2021: New blog post
1/23/2021: New blog post, new gallery addition
1/16/2021: New blog posts
12/29/2020: New blog post
12/18/2020: New page! "More!" and "Friends of TWO-VOLT!"
12/15/2020: A bunch of new blog posts, Mail Day #11
8/4/2020: New blog post
7/20/2020: New blog post
5/25/2020: New blog post, new Gallery addition (Comics)
5/23/2020: New Gallery additions (Fanart)
4/24/2020: New blog post
4/22/2020: New blog post
4/7/2020: New blog post, new gallery addition
4/2/2020: New gallery addition
3/20/2020: New blog post
3/17/2020: New gallery addition
3/14/2020: New blog post
3/10/2020: New blog post
3/2/2020: Mail Day #10
2/27/2020: New blog post
2/24/2020: Mail Day #9
2/17/2020: Mail Day #8
2/14/2020: New blog post
2/10/2020: Mail Day #7
2/8/2020: New blog post
2/6/2020: New blog post
2/3/2020: Mail Day #6
1/29/2020: New blog post
1/27/2020: Mail Day #5
1/23/2020: Playlists added to Music section, new blog post
1/22/2020: New comic added to Gallery
1/20/2020: Mail Day #4
1/17/2020: New blog post
1/15/2020: New blog post
1/13/2020: Mail Day #3
1/11/2020: Gallery overhaul, added Fanart section
1/8/2020: New blog post
1/6/2020: Mail Day #2, Guestbook implementation
1/4/2020: New blog post
1/1/2020: New blog post
12/31/2019: New gallery addition
12/30/2019: SITE LAUNCH!