Ken didn't see much of Laura in the following weeks. She said she would be alright, but he worried, of course. He'd send texts every now and then, though she'd only respond occasionally. They saw each other in secret a couple of times and talked more about their past, bringing to light a little bit more about the nature of the dragon's deal. One night, Ken managed to convince Laura to stay at his shack, at least just for the night - He just couldn't stand knowing she was out on the streets. It was incredibly awkward, as one might expect. Ken used this opportunity to bring up Laura's...Problem. She may not be working for Arkship anymore, but that magic remained, and so did the cost. Ken wanted to know if there was anything he could do - But Laura wasn't sure. A dragon's power is pretty absolute, and not a lot is known about draconic magic by anyone outside of those circles. She had been embroiled in it for a time, but it didn't mean she knew how to reverse it. Regardless, Ken vowed to find a way. Whatever it takes. The two shared their first embrace in years.

Ken also managed to get Laura and Shay to at least speak to each other, though Shay was reluctant. They weren't exactly on friendly terms again yet, but it was a start.

The time came for a couple more important missions, which Laura volunteered to assist with. The rest of the team was understandably apprehensive. After all she had done, why wouldn't they be? Fortunately, she proved to be trustworthy for the time being, and her incredibly powerful magic and knowledge of the Runechildren ended up being an asset. These missions were leading up to what would be the Good Samaritans' last and most important mission: To infiltrate Sint Holo's headquarters in Japan and put an end to their plans. At this point, Sint Holo and Arkship's partnership had gone sour, and the Good Samaritans were able to cut a deal with Arkship's mages so that they would stay out of each other's way. One less enemy, right?

Before the big day, Ken wanted to bring everyone together for a beach trip - One last day of relaxation before their most dangerous mission yet. Ken, in all of his naivete, insisted on inviting Laura, hoping to smooth things over with a few friends. She was reluctant, but joined in. It did not go as Ken had hoped. Things were pretty awkward between Laura and the rest of his friends, but at least eventually, everyone was able to relax a bit. That is, until something emerged from the ocean before them, just as night was falling and the day was winding down. Something very, very large, and very very dragon shaped. To their horror, Arkship itself was towering before them, and they turned to realize Laura had been possessed with its spirit. It began speaking through her.

The dragon wanted to make a deal. They both had a common enemy - Sint Holo, and Miharu. Arkship believed that the world was not ready for what Miharu wanted to bring into it. If the Good Samaritans helped to put a stop to her plans and recovering files that belonged to Arkship, they would each be granted one favor from the dragon. A dragon's favor is no paltry reward - Dragons possess more power than any other being in the Sixth World. Ken wasn't sure if the dragon could be trusted, but at this point, he only had two things on his mind: Saving Laura, and stopping Miharu. This deal could help him with both.

The team was uncertain. They gave the decision great thought, but eventually, they came to the decision that this would be mutually beneficial for both parties. They accepted. Laura was released from the dragon's possession, and everyone was left to wonder what in the world had just happened.

Not long before it was time to depart for Japan, Ken told Laura about his plan: He was going to use the dragon's favor to free her from its magic, so that she could live. She was resistant to the idea at first, expressing regret once again at what she had done to him. She insisted that Ken use it for himself. Ken reassured her, making it was clear he wasn't budging, and so Laura relented. However, through what they had learned up until now, they had both come to the conclusion that this might mean giving up her magic forever. Not just the dragon's magic - All of it. Magic was an inherent part of Laura, ever since she Awakened as a young child. Giving it up would be like giving up a piece of herself. She realized that, considering all she had done with it thus far, and the pain it had brought her...Maybe it was time to let go.

The two then made a deal of their own with each other: To be their best selves from here on out.

And with that, it was time to head to Japan. Next stop: Sint Holo HQ.

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