The Good Samaritans had a few matters to take care of now, especially the rescue of their teammate, and Ken was quick to help his friends. All the while, he was slowly putting his plan together. He was going to try to reach Laura in the only way he knew how: Through music.

It wasn't the most sophisticated of plans, but Ken put any thought of failure out of his mind. This was going to work. It had to. He spent the next couple of months pulling together what he needed in order to throw together a huge concert at an outdoor venue, with his set as the final act, all under the guise of a K.KOE album release show. To the public, this would be a fun shindig, but to him, this would be the most important show he'd ever played in his life. With the money he had pulled from all of this shadowrunning, the finances side was taken care of, and he called upon his connections at the Animus and with Laura's band for help. The Good Samaritans would act as his security and astral lookout, and one of the team's mages would use a spell to send an astral message to Laura at the right moment. Ken knew that some of the team were a bit apprehensive about this plan. The Good Samaritans were trying to lay low after their last few rescue missions, not wanting Sint Holo's eyes on them again. He gave them an out, not wanting to put the rest of them in danger, but they knew how important this was to Ken, and they wanted to help. So they did. Ken was going to pour his soul into this and nobody was going to stop him. If Laura had a penchant for anything, it was flash. Something as flashy as this just had to draw her out.

After a couple of months of tireless preparation and all-nighters, which included finally finishing his first album, Ken was finally ready, and the day was here. He had everything put together for the event. The first few bands played, and there was a pretty decent-sized crowd. His shadowrunning companions kept an eye on the perimeter for anything unusual as Ken ran around making sure everything was in place. It seemed the show was going off without a hitch, and eventually, as night had now fallen, it was time for him to go onstage. With a deep breath, he stepped out. Ken said a few words first, mostly thank yous for all of those who helped make this possible, ruminations on the past few months and what all of this means to him - But underneath it, a message for Laura, in hopes that she was watching. He addressed her by name, telling her that he's lighting the way for her now, and as the pick came down on his guitar, the signal was given to send the astral message to Laura. A message that only she could hear, wherever she was now.

Laura. I hope this finds you.
I didn't listen back then. But I want to now.

Neither of us are who we used to be. But you don't have to be who they want you to be. If I know anything, it's that nobody tells Laura fucking Sherwin what to do.

If you don't want to talk with words...Then show me with music. Meet me on stage. Let's rock.
If you don't want to make a big splash, meet me at the treehouse after the show instead.

It's your choice. And only yours.
We'll find a way out together.

As Ken powered through his carefully curated set (with support from Laura's bandmates), those of the team on security caught a couple of shady individuals making their way quickly backstage. Fearing the worst, they made chase, catching the two individuals vandalizing one of the trailers with spraypaint. They managed to intimidate them enough to chase them off, but not before hearing from one of them that they were paid off by someone to make a ruckus back there. They realized this was supposed to be a distraction. The GS security team rushed to get back to the stage before something terrible could happen.

At this same moment, the mage on astral lookout felt a presence in the distance. A very, very strong astral presence. Ken was on the last song of his set - A song just for Laura, a classic from one of her old records that they'd listen to, but with his own Ken flair. Suddenly, the lights went out. Everybody was plunged into darkness.

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