Being met with the image of her brother, who she'd thought to be dead, Laura was too shaken to react. Cole used this opportunity to attack, telling Ken and the team to get Shay out of there. He lunged forward, locking Laura into an explosive magic-infused battle with him and sending the two of them crashing through the walls of the facility as the team escaped with Shay, outrunning the security doors just in time. As they made it to the escape boat, Laura and Cole went careening through the docking area, and Laura locked eyes with Ken for a moment just before he stepped onto the boat with Shay. He shouted for her one last time, desperate for her to stop this and realize what she was doing, but in response, she let a manabolt go flying in Ken's direction, only narrowly avoiding him thanks to a teammate shoving him out of the way. The boat roared off. Laura and Cole were left to battle it out as the Good Samaritans escaped.

Cole had put up a good fight, but it was clear that the power given to him by his spirit was waning - He had used the last of it to fend off Laura. Both of them battered at this point, he warned Laura against the path she's choosing, not wanting her to end up like himself. Laura spit back at him with bitter words as she overpowered him. Her tune would change quickly, though, as she realized her brother was dying. With his last words, Cole told her not to let her deeds catch up to her, and died in Laura's arms. It was then that Laura realized she had truly lost everything. And it was all her fault.

Meanwhile, back on the boat, Ken and the team looked out over the water as the cave disappeared into the distance, knowing - but not wanting to believe - that Cole wouldn't be making it out of this. Ken vowed not to let his sacrifice be in vain - But he had a lot to think about. The team on the other mission had also come back looking worse for wear, but the teams had succeeded in their objectives...At a great cost to both. The second team had lost one of the Good Samaritans to the enemy. The team, and Ken especially, were shaken by the loss of Cole and the capturing of a teammate, and needed time to recuperate and plan their next move.

Ken and Shay were finally together again, but not under the best circumstances. Shay and Cole were very close back in the day, and Ken had to break the news to her - Not only of him having been alive this whole time, but of his death once again. It didn't go over well. This wasn't too surprising, considering Ken's struggle with the handling of such topics. His earnestness was often his downfall, after all. The two of them also mulled over the matter of Laura, as well. Shay had complicated feelings. She and Laura had been like sisters to each other, but now she wasn't too keen on Ken's insistence on trying to bring her back after everything she'd done. Ken had a plan, though. It was time for one last ditch effort to reach Laura. They needed her power on their side in the fight against Sint Holo, and he needed her to come home.

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