Now you're all caught up to present day. Here's to new adventures with TWO-VOLT!

If you made it this far, wow! You are a true Ken & Laura fan. Thank you so much for reading. Some notes:

- This recounting tries to focus mainly on Ken & Laura. A lot happened in this campaign, and my memory is fallible, but I tried my best!

- This is primarily from the perspective of Ken, as he was my player character in the campaign, and therefore, the protagonist. Laura was an NPC I had created and given to the GM - my wonderful GM, Jeff! - and we workshopped her together. Jeff was then in charge of her actions, with input from me every now and then.

- On that note: THANK YOU JEFF! My GM really brought Laura to life. Neither of these characters would even exist without such a great campaign. Thank you for all of the tears (both happy and sad and angry). Everybody say thank you to Jeff.

- I can't believe you just read like 8,000 words of Ken & Laura. Congratulations. Your reward? A secret: Laura drew Sonic OCs when she was 13.