And so, we are brought to the epilogue of this long and elaborate and insane tale.

Back in Seattle, Laura spent a long few months adjusting. She realized how dependent she had become on her magic, and without it, she felt like a part of her was missing. She was tired, and aimless. In the past few years she had spent so long driving forward at a breakneck pace, she didn't know what it was like to slow down now. She likely would have spiraled into another full-blown depression if not for Ken's visits with his guitar. He helped as best he could, but tried to give her the space she needed, too - He'd learned a lot by now, and knew that his overbearing enthusiasm wasn't always the answer. He knew it was important to give her time. She used that much-needed time to gather herself, and to try to atone for what she'd done to the people she cared about. Laura reconnected with Shay, apologized to her old band for being such a terror, and did her best to be better every day. She wasn't Liquid Steel. She wasn't VOID. She was finally just Laura Sherwin. It wasn't easy to be just Laura Sherwin again, and apologies couldn't fix everything, but fortunately this time, she wasn't alone.

Ken, on the other hand, was reinvigorated. It was tough seeing Laura go through it, but he was there for her every step of the way. Now that he had his friends back and could focus on his career and not insane life-threatening world-ending scenarios, he put his all into his music again. This time, it was with a little more self-discipline. After some time, he gave Laura a proposition - He asked her to join him on tour, to show her what it's like to enjoy music again. Though she was reluctant, she agreed - And thus they sparked something very special.

The two of them joined forces to form their band, TWO-VOLT!, and began creating again, just like the old days - With Shay managing their band, and their brand.

For the next few-months-to-a-year, they worked hard on a new album, synthesizing both Ken's solo work and some of Laura's own unreleased material - As well as some contributions from the Good Samaritans. And, with Ken's new work ethic and Laura' self in general, they actually worked really well together. It definitely took Laura some getting used to, coming to terms with the loss of her Awakened side, and collaborating again with something so personal...But she had friends to help her through it now, and an opportunity to channel her passion and drive into her music again instead. The two of them also used this time to prep for their tour - It would be a small tour around the midwest and west coast, so nothing huge, but still very big for Ken, considering it would technically be his first (K.KOE only ever got around Seattle!). One night, not too long before the first show of their tour in Seattle, Ken invited Laura to dinner to celebrate.

Over dinner, the two of them talked about the future of their music...And their potential future together. Ken asked Laura if she'd like to give it another shot. She was a bit apprehensive at first - She had reason to be scared, afraid that she'd mess it up again. But Ken was sure about it. Not cocksure in his naive kind of way like he used to be, but confident in that he knew no matter whatever happened, they could work through it together with their newfound understanding of each other. A fresh slate, without dragon cults or megacorps or any of that. Just the two of them. Together.

Ken & Laura went on to build their name as the electric rock duo, TWO-VOLT...Managed by Cyber Ouroboros Productions (aka Shay). The three of them spent the next few months on the road, reforging old relationships, forging new ones, and making memories. They didn't immediately get wildly famous or anything, aside from reporters hounding Laura about her past career - don't worry, Ken is a good bodyguard - However, they did catch the eye of some indie circles, and the honesty and electricity of their music seems to connect with everyone they meet. They're not in it for the fame, anyways - Both of them are in it for the music, and each other. And that's all it is.

And in those months...After auctioning off old gear, secretly putting away funds from ticket and merch sales, and pulling some strings for fundraising...Laura surprised Ken with the funds for a new heart. One that will let him thrash on stage for a little bit longer before passing out. And one that will let him live to share his music a lot longer.

Though now finding himself busier than ever - A far cry from the days of aimlessly lounging in his shack - Ken never stays away from Seattle for too long, and keeps in touch with Jitsuko, and the Good Samaritans, and the rest of his friends and family. And as he sat behind the wheel of the tour van, rumbling down a west coast highway as dusk started to settle over the horizon, he glanced up at the rearview mirror. He sees Shay in the back, silently working away at some AR screens, and Laura, sound asleep with her notebook open on her lap, covered in furious scribbles of endless ideas. As his eyes fell back on the road ahead of him, he always remembered, that no matter how long he's on the road, or how far: His home is where his heart is.

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